Thursday, 13 September 2018

Abbey Robot, or An Adventure With The Machine Beatles

So I trained a network on all the Beatles lyrics I could find. It never quite wrote a whole song, so what I did was took it's lines and arranged them into some kind of sense. Some kind.  I haven't edited anything internally, rearranged words or anything like that, I have cut a few lines short. It turns out reasonable couplets from time to time, and in a few cases it wrote a whole chorus in one go.

It seems to be fairly good at early Beatles poppy fun, and also it did quite well at the later, more psyched out stuff. When it gets weird(er) is when it combines the two.

I'd love to hear some of these so if you're musically inclined please do help yourself and let me know what you come up with.

This is probably my favourite, I imagine it as a kind of Strawberry Fields/Only a Northern Song kind of psychedelic wobblefest.

Love Down Shine

I wanna hold your days like you made forever, 
Love down shine.

I'm comes for the lonely life when we're doing a joy.
I'm gonna dance.

I have love me what the life down,
Cry even diamonds.

I can't lose a singing of my outs around
I'll get real love.

The word is love is love with it 
Better all the sky.

The word is love is love is love is love 
is love is love is love