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An AI writes Doctor Who

So I trained a neural network (it's not really much of an artificial "intelligence", as this post will demonstate) on the entire collection of Hartnell-era Doctor Who scripts. This network was set to use whole words - some only use characters. Very simply, the network tries to follow words with other words which it thinks are likely to be in that position, based on what it 'knows' about the order words appear in the training text. Rinse and repeat. As the system trains it gets better at putting words in order, but still makes some weird choices: These files have been edited for clarity, capitalisation, line breaks and so on, but not actual content - that's all from the softwatre. -------------------------------------  [ outside the TARDIS ] (The Doctor is trying to confuse them) DOCTOR: Oh, it's very kind of you. BARBARA: Oh, Doctor, what's wrong? DOCTOR: Oh, it's a huge, isn't it? IAN: Yes. DOCTOR: Oh, my dear, I'm sure yo