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How to Make a Copper-Gilded Wooden Necklace

This tutorial will show you the basics of how to make an attractive, modern, wooden necklace decorated with a layer of pure copper.  It's not too hard, but as always don't rush, be careful, check your details and always always always  measure twice, cut once . Things you will need Some wood! Hardwoods are often more exciting than softwoods, check out your local timber yard or online to see what you can find. Because you don't need much, offcuts are good - and can be picked up very cheaply. Tools. I use quite a few here, because I have them - but all you really need is a drill and a saw. You'll need a small drill bit so you can hang your pendant (I use 3mm) and a bigger one to make the hole for gilding.  A range of sandpapers is needed as well, you'll want to go quite fine to get the finish nice and smooth. Gilding size and your choice of metal to gild. I use copper because I like the colour but you can use gold, silver, platinum, brass - whatever you want.
Obligatory first post style first post. Having a blog is a good idea if you sell on Etsy, people say.  I have found myself wanting to post longer form things with photos and so on a bit more. So that's what I'm doing. I've got some ideas for potentially useful stuff to go on here - tutorials, backstories on some of my ideas, pieces and so on. Hopefully I'll manage to make more than one post! Some links to stuff: (pre re-branding url, Facebook doesn't let you change them)